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Master Check-up Medical

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Master Check-up Medical

Comprehensive master check-up is available for Individuals, Executives, Cooperate clients and others.

Our Master check-up package covers:

  • Lipid cholesterol & E.C.G to monitor cardiac status
  • Liver profile to monitor the healthiness of the Liver
  • Renal profile to monitor the functions of kidneys including blood glucose level
  • Full blood count to monitor any abnormalities in the red and white blood cells, hemoglobin level and platelet counts
  • X – Ray chest to detect infections in the lungs, Heart & liver enlargements


General examination also will be carried out by our qualified medical officers to monitor:

  • The Blood Pressure & Pulse
  • BMI (Body Mass Index) to monitor your weight according to your height in comparison to your age
  • Examination of Hearing and ear drums
  • Vision test including colour vision test
  • Female medical officer will examine female clients for any glands in the breast and abdomen.